A Moody Xmas walk


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Amen! You three had fantastic photo ops, and simply stunning views. I'd love to know where you were walking and what the story is with those train wheels... I'm assuming that is what they are?


Liverpool / UK
Many thanks for all the remarks.... The third one through the trees is my own favourite, but it is good to note that different shots adhere themselves to different members, showing us that we are all looking for completely different things in our own compositions. This is why this site is as diverse in opinions, techniques & equipment as it is in our membership itself.

Looking around the many facets of S.C.'s, inspires myself to shoot 'outside the box' and I manage to get some quite surprising results from this.

Many thanks to all our members, and I hope 2012 brings you all some fantastic photo opportunities, which I for one will look forward to viewing...

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