Sigma DP2 Quattro. Harbor Island near West Seattle, WA.

15s, ISO200, F/8. The export has a lot more noise than the original. Need to work out how to handle noise with the Quattro.

Very little post, even though it looks very painterly. The Quattro long-exposure is fickle as hell. Sometimes you get blown out madness, sometimes it's a beautiful scene. Seemingly random. Like all Sigma stuff it is capable of greatness, but is more likely to drive you insane.

Info about the Superfund cleanup.

I like it - apart from the Sigma peculiarities how is the camera 'in the hand'.

It's actually not bad! I still have my RX10 and an A6000, but this is my "I believe this to be a picture worth the time" camera.


  • I think it's more ergonomically friendly than the Merrill.
  • The shot-to-shot performance and the screen are vastly superior.
  • The focus in low light is still basically unusable, but the manual focus assist does the job well and acts like a modern camera.
  • The custom menus and quick-menus are great! Honestly, the best quick menu system I've used. The control scheme makes sense too.
  • The files process faster with all the new firmware and software upgrades.
  • The image quality is still excellent. I think the Merrill's are slightly "better" in certain situations, but the usability is more than enough to make up for this IMO.
  • It looks weird as hell. I've gotten more questions in 3 days about it then I did in years of shooting with other cameras.
  • Tripod is basically a necessity unless you've got light to spare.
  • Black and white output is superlative. Especially well-exposed JPEGs.
  • Dynamic range sucks, but this is nothing new.
  • Colors, when you hit it, are astonishing. Better than any amount of post processing will achieve with "better" cameras. Especially reds. Apparently the last firmware update improved this dramatically. I didn't use it without, so I can't say.
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