A new article referencing Adams' Zone System for digital.


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I found this an interesting read and very applicable with easy access to exposure compensation on the Fuji X's (for example). Basically over-ride the built in (or hand held) exposure meter which sets exposure to Zone 5 (mid grey) then adjust other tones in PS, LR, SEP, CEP, Viveza or whatever. This basically is what Ansel did by dodging and burning in the darkroom.

Read the Q&A at the end for extra info.

Why You NEED the Zone System for Digital… | Gavin Seim. American Pictorialist


It's full of good info and I'll go back to it though I found his style a bit annoying.
I'm now thinking of signing myself off as an "English Snapumentarist"

mind you my car's dash has just lit up with warning lights like an xmas tree, so perhaps i'm just a bit grumpy this morning.