Canon A Night with the Canon S95 & Britney Spears


I have the S95 but have just bought the XZ-1 which I think is better for close-ups, the S95 is great for its size it just about fits anywhere but I may part with mine now, I can't justify both.


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I think the S95 is really good

I bought mine mid January this year and since then - just looking at my LR stats

I have 661 shots that I have kept using my S95 - 320 shots with my G1 and 500 shots with my M8 - (poor old EP1 has just managed 12 shots)

This "serious compact" stuff does seems to work - and as is always said "the best camera that you have is the one that you have with you" - my S95 is with me most of the time


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Bill, there are times I have both the S95 and my Canon DSLR with me and use both. I have some very decent lenses for the T3i. I shoot raw on both and sometimes when I put all the images into a common project file on my computer, on a quick look, it is hard to initailly tell sometimes which camera took a given image. The S95 has its limitations, as do all serious compacts, but it is certainly a little "tank" that can take a lot of abuse in and out of a pocket/bag and still be expected to produce a very good image. I had also found the print images from the S95 to be more than adequate for my personal needs. I noticed that the price has dropped again to about $370 (USD) at Amazon.