Film a plethora of film cameras

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I occasionally find myself entering places that have film cameras (from 80s SLRs to old Brownies) for sale. Usually if it's just one or two, I'll check them out and move on. They're usually rubbish (from what I can tell). But today I wandered into an antique "mall". A 3 story old warehouse that rents out "stalls" to different vendors to sell their wares. There was one that held a nice variety of very clean looking cameras of all vintages.

I assume they are all "worthless" in the grand scheme of camera "collectability" (sorry for the excessive use of flying quotation marks), but I wonder if there could be some forum (or subforum) where people could post an image (or 3 or 4 from this big display I saw today) and ask....... "Yo, anyone want any of these?" or if this Olympus whatever it is passes a few simple tests, is $35 too much?

Now I understand that people's specialized knowledge has a value, and I wouldn't expect to just constantly barrage asking for free info to make money in the resale arena......more like "anyone need this Olympus Trip for $15 + shipping.....I can't make any money, but it looks awful nice".

I was with my wife looking for a dining room table when I stumbled upon a display case that held around 20 cameras. I had no camera with me to shoot it so I need to go back. I think most of them are "dead formats" cameras where film doesn't exist (or you need to roll your own). But I also THINK that some of those cameras may be useful (cause if a camera is good enough...why not roll yer own).

I'd love to have a place to share "caught in the field" photos and get quick and dirty opinions about the cameras.

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