A possible warning to Win 10 users.


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OK Mac users you can stop smirking now.

For a couple of weeks my PC has been freezing, crashing and failing to run some apps. Worst problems with On1 Photo RAW 2018 which just refused to start. Suspected my graphics card so tried a $250 model and a $60 model neither of which solved the problem.
Tried a fresh install of Win 10 (four times) but still had an unstable machine. On1 were very good requesting log files and offering newest build (pre-release) to test.

Finally went to Google and found such problems were common after updating Win 10 to v1803.
Learnt how to to disable Win Update and reinstalled a 5th time and tweaked the settings to disable updates. First app I re-installed was On1 and it worked as it should.

If you're running Win 10 and experiencing lots of 'Not Responding' messages, slow startup and shutdown, crashing or apps failing to run then v1803 may be the culprit.

I also originally blamed my software addiction as I run a lot of software and thought I may have conflicts between programs but we will see when I reinstall them. By way of disclaimer I'm not a technician and I can't guarantee it was as I suspected.