Leica a quick question about LTM/M adapters


Am I correct in thinking that a Leica LTM/M adapter marked "9cm" will correctly mount any LTM lens on an M-body? (saving those lenses whose rear elements are too "deep")
And that the only difference between these adapters will be whether they automatically bring up the correct framelines on bodies that support this?
(so for a camera such as the Bessa where framelines are manually selected, any old LTM/M adapter will do?)

thanks in advance


Bill said:
I think that the frame lines come in "pairs" on each adapter

yes they generally do, so far as I can see (28/90, 35/135, 50/75) but the one I'm looking at (on eBay) just has "9cm" on it ... perhaps that marks it out as a vintage piece ?

(I realised that I have the CV 28/1.9 in LTM so it would be nice to use it on the Bessa, though it works beautifully on the E-P2; of course I won;t have framelines or a viewfinder, but, hey, I can guess ...)


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According to the book I'm looking at the adapter was introduced when the first bayonet Leica, the M3 was introduced, and there were three of them marked 50, 90 and 135 which would suit the framelines of the M3, so yes, an early example by the sounds of it.



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Paul, I may have an extra screw mount to M adapter lying around somewhere. I think it brings up the 50/75 frame line. PM your address and I'll mail it to you, IF I can find it.