a re-introduction, as i have been shamefully absent!


hello again, SeriousCompact folk!

I had originally joined both this forum and Mu-43 a few months back, after the purchase of my EPL1, and then quickly faded back into the ethers....as it turns out even the Micro-four-thirds format is too large a camera/lens combo for my liking. the EPL1 would be great with a prime lens, but I *LIKE* zoom. And I have spent most of the spring and summer NOT taking as many pictures as usual, and then I finally realized why: I never took out my camera anymore, even when I had it with me. Too big, or too cumbersome, or too time-consuming, or too SOMETHING. Just not right. It just felt like more of a hassle than a creative pursuit.

So, after some deliberation and research, I purchased an Oly XZ-1. I have had it for only two days thus far, and I am enjoying learning my way around yet another camera, and definitely appreciative of the smaller size! Prior to the EPL1 I had been using a Sony Cybershot W90, and had it with me all the time. I am looking forward to having this new camera with me all the time as well.

I am also reading the threads about GAS with great interest...I keep going back and forth in my head about whether or not to sell the EPL1! I don't NEED both of these cameras...but part of me WANTS to keep both anyway. I'm just glad to know it's not just me :smile:

thanks for such a lovely community!