a recent print ...


Jan 2, 2011
Just an old hp g4050 off eBay.
Not up to Epson standards, but quite good enough for this, and for scanning MF and LF negatives for Flickr.


Jan 2, 2011
I was there mid march and I've never seen so much water on that moor in the past 20 years!


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Dec 6, 2011
It''s Cornwall. Only the horizon out to sea is horizontal!
(and then not very)

lovin' it.. well done. horizons are strange things when the land isn't really hilly but also isn't flat either. had that in a forest preserve last week.. shooting for the horizon as indicated by the land made all the trees crooked, straighten the trees and the land tilts. i've learned to go with what is accurate in those instances. :)


Jan 2, 2011
It awes me slightly to think that 150 years ago this was an industrial landscape.

It was filled with men and women and horses and tramways and dozens of engine houses belching smoke and steam, and the sound of ore mills crushing stone ...

... some remains of engine houses and mineshafts are within just a few yards of stone circles and standing stones like this, all over West Cornwall ...

Yet these remnants from 3000 years ago were afforded respect and left alone, when it would have been so easy for land and mine owners to pull them down and use them for building material, or to sink another shaft ...


Nov 5, 2010
W. Australia
There is something rich and scintillating about the grey tones. It reminded me of something familiar in the past. When I read the details on your flickr page I remembered what this was: Rodinal. It really is an amazing developer. When I next have the energy I really must use it on 4x5 negatives.

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