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Hello, I'm not a new member, but I thought I should re-introduce myself since this community has undoubtedly grown since I stopped participating almost two years ago. I spent quite some time just taking poorly composed snapshots at boring events, most of which one couldn't find an Instagram filter to rescue it. I looked back at my past work and saw my progress as a photographer. It was the motivation I needed to switch the exposure mode away from Auto and switch the option back to RAW. Hopefully there are some here that remember me. I've posted some of my work on this forum some time ago: DP1 Thread and Canon Forum

I'll certainly be checking out every section in this forum - almost every manufacturer seems to have introduced something exciting. Imagine my reaction when I found out about sensor size of the RX100, the lenses on the LX7 and EX2f, and the pair of DP Merrills! I've missed so much.



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You're not just a returning member - you're a returning founding member. Registered July 2010. Welcome back :).


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:yahoo: Brian, I am so glad you're back!! I've always enjoyed your pictures - "auto" or not - and look forward to having you back in the serious compacts saddle again.:friends:

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