Fuji a svelte new Fuji compact this way comes


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Don't know what it does, but it sure is a purty lil thing... Seems to have some sort of markings on the lens ring too.


I can only speculate "what it does" at this early juncture, but my guess is that it takes photos. :p
I don't do little compacts like this, but it is cute. Still something about it seems a little forced or just "off".


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lens is 6.4-25.6, so with a 1/1.7" type sensor that'd be a wide angle of 34.4mm (unlikely), or with a 2/3" type sensor like the X10, that'd be a 25.2mm wide angle (much more likely). Not bad, it really looks like some flim-era supercompact camera, I personally like a camera to look a bit more... functional, but as long as it IS functional, who cares what it looks like :)


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It seems like it would have been a good thing if they could have released this before the RX100, but I guess you could say that about a lot of these new compacts that are using smaller than 1" sensors.

What I think would be super cool from Fuji is a 1" sensor with a fixed, fast lens, somewhere in the 35-50mm range. A mini X100.

Still something about it seems a little forced or just "off".

I am thinking the same thing when I look at it for a while. It looks to me like someone added an aftermarket leather skin to a more modern camera body. Maybe there will be an all-black version.


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Hmmmm.... I really like my RX100. I am thinking I'll stick with the Sony. It's super at high ISO and has tricks not likely to be found in the Fuji (like the stitch pano, which I use while traveling). But Fuji is certainly creating sexy looking cameras, and building their brand into a bit more elite.


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I cant wait til next month, when we see whats *really* coming. Something about that pic said to me "mockup". Something someone wishes would happen, rather than what is actually happening. But, I could be quite wrong. I often am :)


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If there's no viewfinder of any kind, I hope that rear LCD has some of the "white magic" that Sony has in the RX100. So, which would we go for? This or the X10? For me, with no viewfinder, this would have to list for at least $100 less than the X10. Or would it be better to save up a bit more and buy an X100 on closeout this Christmas?


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Looks like a really neat little thing. Especially if it's a 2/3" sensor and the zoom ring is either driving the zoom action mechanically (probably unlikely with this slim a camera) or at least responding really fast to operation.

RX100 could be getting competition.