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A truly reliable M8...


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Apr 3, 2013
I packed up the M9 and sent to Leica for a new sensor. 7.5 years old- I spotted first signs of the S8612 corrosion and wanted to get the new CCD sensor put in. I like this camera- want to use it until it can no longer be repaired.

With Fall colors outside, and some snow still on the ground from yesterday's surprise- grabbed the M8 to take a walk. I've had it for 10 years now, bought used from someone that had it for 3 months, put 400 clicks on it, and sold it for 1/2 price. Mint in Box. I tend to use the Leica digital cameras much like a film camera- the M8 and M9 have about 20K~25K shots on each. I typically keep a 1952 Jupiter-3 on the M8. I like to shoot at F1.5, and the 1/8000th shutter speed is reason to keep it.

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