Fuji A typical Elliott adventure

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Troy, NY
"Gee, the weather was marvelous!" -- not us.

This is Peebles Island, Waterford, NY, on a rainy day. Brought the Big Kahuna (RX10 MkIV) in case we saw eagles, but never unholstered it.

Everything shot with XP90 on Auto setting.

From the bridge. That's Peebles Island on the left. That's water from the Mohawk River on its way to join the Hudson River.

XP90 Peebles 001.JPG

From the bridge, looking at the Hudson.

XP90 Peebles 002.JPG

A map of the trails

XP90 Peebles 004.JPG

XP90 Peebles 005.JPG

Trail to the North side:

XP90 Peebles 007.JPG

XP90 Peebles 009.JPG

That small rise is the remains of a revolutionary war gun emplacement:

XP90 Peebles 011.JPG

Looking back from the North side toward the bridge:

XP90 Peebles 013.JPG

Water is pouring over the dam.

XP90 Peebles 020.JPG

The eagle's nest

XP90 Peebles 025.JPG

This tree seems to be practicing social distancing:

XP90 Peebles 033.JPG

Water was so high at the rapids on the South side that they looked almost flat:

XP90 Peebles 040.JPG

The only wildlife we saw:

XP90 Peebles 051.JPG

Homeward bound:

XP90 Peebles 050.JPG

Cheers, Jock

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