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Hi folks

can you please tell me whether the Fuji X bodies, namely the X-E1, offer full time exposure simulation both on the LCD and in EVF ?? Meaning, can you see all exposure adjustments in real time whenever you alter somethings, and WB, etc, as well ??
I'm trying an X10 and it does offer exp simulation in Manual mode.
If the X-E1 were not to allow that, I'd save a big chunk of money...


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Actually, this is a very good question. The issue that I have is not really whether the live-view image brightens or darkens as you change exposure compensation (which happens on every camera that I have tried), but whether the baseline exposure is correct. I find this to be a significant issue when comparing Panasonic to Olympus (i.e Olympus exposure preview is always true to the final image, Panasonic is often out by -2/3 to +2/3 stop).

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