A weekend trip to Maldives


Dec 15, 2011
Bangalore, India
Went on a quick trip to Maldives over the weekend. Brought along my X100.

Had to take a seaplane from Male to an island 140kms out. Here's Male from the air.

Passed a number of atolls on the way.

Plane landed next to a small platform in the middle of the ocean.

Got picked up from the platform on this boat

Resort in the distance.

The next morning

View from my room

Private stretch of beach just outside my room

Typical views out from various parts of the coral island

Pump room in a brief squall

The in-sea villas



May 4, 2011
Tasmania, Australia
Talk about rubbing my nose in it! I've just slogged through a pretty cold, very wet winter (with very little snow to alleviate the pain) and I see evidence of someone doing a "weekender" to the Maldives?

Jeesh....... it ain't fair.


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2010
you're doing it quite well though, some great shots in there! Love the aerial view of Male, typical views, pump room and resort in the distance :) what a beautiful place...


Dec 15, 2011
Bangalore, India
looks like a photographers paradise !
Depends on what you're looking for I guess. To me, it was dreadfully boring to photograph. I did enjoy the flying around bits though and liked the place well enough. But photographically speaking it was a very 'flat' experience. Though I can well imagine lots of photographers really appreciating the country.

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