A word to the wise - credit card fraud/paypal


I happened to check one of my credit card accounts this morning and did a quick double-take as there were half a dozen PayPal transactions on it for "camera" shops ...

A few calls to CC company and to PayPal sorted (I hope) it out and I have the inconvenience of having to have a reissued card and paperwork to complete.

The transactions weren't for huge sums - £15 - £60 or so each - so if I were buying regularly using PayPal I could easily overlook one or two. Fortunately for me, these were a block of charges all made the same day.

As the transactions didn't appear on my actual PayPal account, the chances are that my credit card details have been compromised at some time (possibly the Adobe hack?) and someone has set up a PayPal account using those details. There are other ways they could use it to make charges too, apparently.

Clever, I thought, to have made the transactions look like things I might have bought.

FWIW a bit of googling revealed that this isn't that uncommon, so if you're someone who buys a lot of gear online using PayPal (I realise that must be a tiny tiny minority of TPL users :wink:), do keep a close eye on your bank, credit card and PayPal statements ...

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