Leica A WWII Reenactment Video featuring a Leica

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For English turn on the captions. This is a German produced video channel that has some very well-made short features. I have been following them for about a year.

It is not pro-Nazi, as far as possible their channel seems to be politically neutral and anti-war. (although the comments in their channel attract a lot of pro-Nazi remarks) Also, the Leica in the video has a Russian made copy of the Elmar. This lens didn't exist at that time. Aside from these technical errors, they do a very good job. The battle scenes are at least the equal to the effects of "Saving Private Ryan" on a minuscule budget.

One Battle in Normandy (WW2 Short Film German Perspective) - YouTube
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Interesting film- especially with the original photographs at the end depicting the action conveyed in the re-enactment.

I would have sent them my pre-war Elmar to do it, surprised they used a KMZ copy on the camera.

A friend of my Brother let him know a picture of our Dad and his B-29 crew was in a local museum.