Challenge! A-Z No rules


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This game rotates through the alphabet. It has NO RULES. You can post whatever you like: nouns, adjectives, brand names, anything, as long as it starts with the right letter of the alphabet.

Each turn consists of one photo and, above it, a caption that starts with the letter that comes next. After Z, the series starts over with A. If a player skips letters or repeats letters already posted, a gentle reminder is appropriate. Alternatively, with skipping, other players can supply posts out of order to fill the gaps, while explaining what they did. Skipping a sequence of several letters is easy to do when you're at the bottom of a page.

After you post a caption and photo, please wait for at least one post by someone else before you post again. No consecutive posts by the same person.

It was a popular game in Potn

Starting with A

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