A-Z Tour 2012


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The Netherlands
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Everyone is invited to take part at our "A-Z Tour 2012".

First letter of the alphabet is A, you can upload only one picture, which title starts with an A. For example Airplane, Amin, Alf, Antwerp, etc.
Then we move to second letter B, you can upload max. two pictures, title starts with B. For example BBW, BillN, Banana, Boy, Berlin.
Letter C, three pictures, title starts with letter C. For example Cab, Cap, Celebrity, Cat.
D, 4 pictures, title starts with letter D. For example Dog, Dinner, Dutchman.
E, 5 pictures, title starts with letter E. For example Eagle, Engine, Elephant, Eclipse.
At the end of the alphabet we meet letter Z, 26 pictures, title starts with letter Z. For example Zoo, Zero, Zealand.

Let's number like this: A1/1, B1/2, B2/2, C1/3, C2/3, C3/3, etc.

If something is unclear please feel free to ask. I don't bite!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's start the "A-Z tour 2012" now.
Thank you for taking part.
Have lots of fun.


Sunny Frimley
B2/2 Bottles

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S W France
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C - 1/3 - Cow Manger

Cow Manger being demolished
pity I did not take an image before we stared as it was quite an impressive piece of woodworking in Oak and other woods - anyway now destined to be a garage

This barn was built before the French Revolution, (French Revolution started in 1789) - not sure when but another building, some carved stones from it, have been authenticated at 1750's, and we reckon that this structure is the oldest building in the hamlet
The plasterwork that you see is obviously a later addition and the stuff going up to the roof is an old fire place - the barn could have been a habitation as part of it's life, as, apart from the chimney there are other signs on the far wall
The slurry from the (cow) barn ran out into a large stone reservoir in the front "field" which is on a slope

big chain saw and sledge hammer job!!!