Ricoh A12 28mm : Kelly Drive / Boathouse Row Philadelphia, PA

Just a quiet evening stroll and a beautiful Philly sunset. I got the GXR about 2 months ago, but this is my first time really getting to play with it. The more I use it, the more I love it. Functionally this camera is a beast. A wolf in sheep's clothing. To the on looker its just another P&S, but the output is stunning! Btw I don't ever shoot vertical, but I consciously told myself I should and I'm really glad I did as those photos are some of my favorites. Check out the photos and fell free to comment or ask questions.


All files were shot RAW w/ light pp in LR3











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great shots, you're making the camera work for you nicely! I've come to appreciate vertical shots more and more as well, although I still don't really like the idea of it :p
Such peaceful scenes! Hard to believe that trail is so close to one of the busiest highways in the Philadelphia area.

You wouldn't believe such a beautiful and tranquil place like this actually exists in Philly! It's actually quite busy with runners and bikers but there are lots of nooks along the waters edge just to sit peacefully. I'm actually visiting here and the past few times I've come the weather was more typical Philly weather (drab and overcast!). But this week has been great and today looks to be another beautiful day!

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