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Miguel, you've managed to capture the very essentials of abandoned houses. How you manage the subject, tones, soul and composition. Congrats, well done

Thank you. Coming from you, the words carry the weight of a real compliment and are much appreciated. I think for me, half the battle is finding the right lens; in this case, it was the Panasonic-Leica 15mm wide angle (mine is a DJI-branded copy, but the identical lens), which I think is probably my favorite mu3/4 lens of all time. With a field of view (FOV) equivalent to 30mm, it's almost halfway between the two classic old-school wider-angle primes - wider than a 35mm, but narrower than the ubiquitous 28mm. Panasonic makes the lens but Leica engineers desgined it - and the lens really possesses many more qualities than meet the eye. I took these particular images with a Pen F, but this same small lens has also produced great images with my old GX8 and my newer GX9. Having great glass is at least half the battle, I think.
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