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you should be able to figure it out...
And NOBODY looks in people's timelines. If its not in the newsfeed, it doesnt exist. Thats just a huge crock.
But that's each person's choice Sue. I absolutely look in people's timelines because I unfollow the vast majority of my "friends". The handful of people who I follow regularly are close friends and family who don't post incessantly about nothing in particular - if they do, I unfollow them even if they are close friends and family. And then if I want to catch up with some of those people I don't follow, but who are still friends, I just pop in and have a look at their timeline, wade through the crap that I unfollowed them for, and find the handful of sort of useful (to me) posts that let me know what's going on in their lives...

I don't know who follows me and who doesn't - I can't control that - but I don't post a lot so I haven't given many a reason to unfollow me (although right around the election I probably did, but so did everyone I know!). But I can control HOW I see anyone else's information and I make use of that.

FWIW, I also recently went to a 40th high school reunion, not expecting much other than to see the handful of friends I've stayed in touch with over the years. But I ended up having a wonderful time because it turns out that damn near everyone has grown and matured into MUCH nicer, more thoughtful, and less petty people than they were as teenagers. Which shouldn't be a surprise - I like myself a lot more now than I did then too, so why should my old school friends be any different? Anyway, it ended up being a delightful weekend that made me feel somewhat better about people in general than I generally was at that moment in time (right near the election, which was and continues to be a rather jarring reality check) and I'm extremely glad I went. I'm now back in touch with many of those people on Facebook too, most of whom I don't follow, but check in on once in a while...



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But that's each person's choice Sue. I


I'm now back in touch with many of those people on Facebook too, most of whom I don't follow, but check in on once in a while...


I'm glad it works for you, Ray, it doesnt for me. I don't like what facebook is, and I dont like what it does (for me - I already explained why). Good also that you have reconnected with your school friends. I have already reconnected with the ones who mattered to me, over the past few years, and I guess I'm going to leave it at that (unless I change my mind, which I am very good at doing) - Sadly the ones who mattered that I havent found... turns out that they have passed away.
I do see that Facebook can have a good purpose for some of us. It's just that it didn't fit me. Then again, I never go to school reunions either.

School reunions, definitely thumbs up from here. Next one coming in two weeks time. I almost can't wait to see old friends. Last time we had reunion, it seemed like we'd just left the school. Unfortunately some of them already passed away, but we still remember all of them, and drink for them :)

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You definitely have a point, Sue. I pop in here several times a day and try to contribute to "conversations" that are going in. And I try not to just state my case and move on, but actually revisit threads and have some back and forth. I don;t think enormous web gathering places can ever have the kind of atmosphere that a small, niche forum like this has attracted. Which is fine. Gives me more time to walk in the woods, play with cameras, watch baseball, avoid work, etc.

I like your thinking Luke. Small is better than big and playing is much better than working.

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