Philosophy About 'Stroll Photography'

I quite agree with everything Matt said.
You all have *the* favourite camera and lens for that kind of approach to photography. Practical and handy.

The name of this kind of photography is self-explaining and needs no theoretisizing, no rules, no restrictions.
What I like about it: you stroll around, receptive to whatever comes with no previously fixed ideas or plans. And exactly this receptivity brings you these special moments: you suddenly are drawn to something that you would certainly have overseen with any prefixed idea of what to shoot. And at home on the screen you lean back and say 'wow'.
Of course there are times as well when most of what you got is just average. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
I do a lot of this. I like to be out and about and now - having moved to the Fuji system after big bulky Nikons for decades - carrying a camera
everywhere is so easy. To remain lightweight and inconspicuous, I choose the X-T20 with either the 27, 18 or 23/f, all of which I find perfect
for those circumstances
I as well, can perfectly relate to this idea.
How I described my photography on the Pentax Photo Gallery (was a mandatory field :)):

My main interests have always been landscapes, urban scenes and the odd object that catches my eye. I love to hike and capture the the world, as it unfolds before me, in pictures - or better: I try to.

Still holds true, if I find the time.
I'm on a local meetup group (where I'm a co-organizer) and every year I try and do 4 or 5 strolls in what I call an Americana series. The idea is that we just go to a small town and walk and shoot. Perhaps the best thing is that you find what your perspective in on imaging and what kind of things draw your attention. For me specifically it allows a mixture of video and stills to tell a story. Not one of my making but the life in these small towns. My favorite type of imaging (about 250K images of birds and I was ready for a change).