Absolutely amazing child portraiture.


It's a rare title that lives up to the hype.

Ms. Shumilova's work is indeed absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Ms. Uil's work is also amazing.

Comparing the wintery light and darkness style with the bright pastel style with similar motifs is interesting.


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A few months ago, Mum showed me some photos that a distant cousin posted of his children on Facebook. They were of the standard posed variety, taken with a strobe or two on a white background, the kids playing with toys, that kind of thing. Very standard stuff like you'd get in a shopping mall studio, or not even at that level. Apparently, he had taken them. I told Mum exactly what I thought, and she asked me what I considered to be good children photography.

I showed her Elena Shumilova's work. Then I showed her Peter Prosophos: http://photographsbypeter.com/blog/

She stared in glowing amazement at both their work for several minutes and said, 'oh. I see what you mean'.


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difficult to get the settings "right" on shots like that

Canon EOS 5D Mk ll - with the Canon EF 135mm f2 L lens

Cannot really got a much better rig

but the images are marvellous and very skilful

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