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Up until now, ads have been disabled for subscribing members, members who attest to using our affiliate links (honor system), and members who have posted 20 times in the past 30 days.

I realize that there are likely some members who don't fall into any of those categories but strongly dislike the ads and don't want to use an ad blocker, so I've made ad viewing optional.

You can find the new setting under preferences: https://www.leicaplace.com/account/preferences

Please read the entire description for this setting before making your choice!


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I am getting a number of questions about this, so here is some clarification:

Basically, any ONE of the following makes the site completely free of banner ads:
  • Moderator status
  • Subscribing member
  • Answering yes to shopping our affiliates
  • Answering no to willing to see ads
  • Posting more than 20 posts in the past 30 days
If you meet one of those criteria, ads will not show, regardless of your situation, setting, or answer to the others.
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Hope the ad revenue isn't a big contributor. Perhaps a fund-drive like the public television and radio stations, heh!

Just need to figure out what the gift is for contributing at the $25 level, etc. :biggrin:

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