Leica Adapt Canon FD to Leica M mount?


Has anyone experience with adapting Canon FD lenses to Leica M mount?

I see Fotodiox makes an adapter. Fotodiox have been decent adapters that I've found. One reviewer said of this particular one:

"Two slight issues:
1. Focuses beyond infinity, but can be fixed by shimming inside of adapter (haven't done this yet)
2. Slight play from side to side so your lens could be off-center by a hair. "

Doesn't sound like too much of a problem, but is there a better that anyone is aware of?

I use several Foto-Diox adapters, and agree that the infinity focus is slightly off, which is a problem if you plan on "scale-Focus" with the lens. If using with an M240, not a problem. And- if you make an RF cam for the lens, it is not a problem.

If you are going to use it to scale focus a wide-angle lens, you could place a shim under the mount of the adapter to fine-tune it.

The Novoflex adapters are much more precise, but expensive,

Canon 50/1.4, now RF Coupled by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr


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I have trailed FD lenses on the type 240 with focal lengths ranging from 20 - 300mm + zooms and all are good the real surprises were the 100-300 zoom (not an expensive lens by any means) and the 50 macro with and without the 1:1 Adaptor which we're both stunning. I do have a the novoflex adaptor. Another old and now dirt cheap lens that performed remarkably is the 50mm tessar in an m42 mount, at 2.8 it is average but from 3.5 on brilliant! I have had these lenses since new...

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Thanks for the info on the Canon FD lenses, and the M42 Tessars. I have one on the list for an RF cam. I was given 3 of them needing work, made 2 really nice ones of the 3.


I have the 50mm f1.4. On m43 crops, it's a wonderful short telephoto with creamy bokeh and lush color. At f1.4 it's a hint dreamy, very subtle. My favorite "character lens" that I have. It will be interesting to see it on native crop, I'll guess same character but similar to 20mm on m43 (the crop I'm most used to focal lengths with).

Here's a few samples with that on m43:






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Hi Brian
I'm curious which focal length tessars do you have? A few are quite rare and can be almost as pricey as Leica's I know of 105mm 85mm - rare, I think the 85's had two different maximum apertures. 50's mostly 2.8's but apparently there are 1.8's or 1.5's I had a 35mm but wider also seems to be rare there is also an attractive 40mm which I would like when spare cash allows.
There are hundreds of fine m42 lenses mostly German, Japanese and even a few British who held patents that the Germans manufactured! It's a fascinating history...

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The "proper M-42 mount Tessars I have are the 50/2.8 "Zebra" cosmetics lenses. Faster than that, I believe Zeiss went to a Planar formula lens. I also have an early 5cm F2.8 Tessar for the Contax, "black name-ring"- which is ~1932 or so. The most uncommon Tessar derivitive- a 5-element wartime Schneider Xenar, made for the Karat. Now RF coupled LTM.

The Xenar is usually 4 elements in 3 groups. this one is 5 elements in 4 groups.

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