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Kodak Cine Ektar 25mm 1.4 with Wratten K2 drop-in filter
Couple of oldies from me using a very adapted Russian cyclops lens, 85mm f/1.5, with no moving parts - so aperture is fixed and focus is by moving back and forth. This on a Canon M5 with adapter. I must get the m4/3rds version out and have a play ...

This particular lens was adapted from an old Russian night light set, where the lens is removed from the other parts of the set. It's actually held together with duct tape, but no light leaks that I'm aware of. Purchased on ebay I seem to recall.

IMG_4819 by Rose McGillicuddy, on Flickr

IMG_4832 by Rose McGillicuddy, on Flickr
Had a browse at a local cash converters (a good source of old camera gear in the UK) and saw a Pentacon 50mm F1.8. I don't need it at all but at twenty pounds I was never going to leave it there. I could possibly recover the purchase price through selling the M42 to Canon adapter that came with it. Anyhow; obviously not as sharp as current lenses (thankfully!), MFD of 0.33m and the bokeh looks good to my subjective eye. I posted a few images with a 50mm Tessar above this post; I found this lens is better than that. Establishing a year of manufacture is difficult, even with a serial number (mind you, some of these lenses didn't even have that) and Googling doesn't make things any clearer. I know Pentacons were made in East Germany between 1968 and 1990 but that's about all. No matter - it's a lovely lens.
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