Fuji Adapters w/built in aperture control vs regular adapters


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As a long time Canon user I have a number of adapters to adapt legacy lenses to the Canon EF mount. As such I'll be picking up an EF to X mount adapter to use those same various lenses, with their respective Canon adapters on my X-E1. In looking at the adapters available (I usually just buy the inexpensive Rainbowimaging or Fotodiox adapters) I noticed that Rainbowimaging now makes a relatively inexpensive adapter with built in aperture control. The interesting thing about these adapters to me isn't necessarily the aperture control (the lenses I'm planning on adapting are all manual anyway), but that they appear to have a built in baffle that it seems to me might cut down on internal reflections and that can sometimes result in ghosting and loss of contrast with legacy lenses. I'm just speculating at this point, but I know that some people swear by using black cardboard baffles inside the lens mount of their cameras in order to mimimize contrast loss with legacy glass. This adapter looks like it may offer that compared to a regular adapter. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether or not this adapter may accomplish the same thing?

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