Sony adaptors for micro 4/3 lens to nex


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does anyone have any info on the adaptors that are being sold on ebay that allow using micro4/3's lenses on a Nex. thanks joanlvh


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Micro four third lenses focus "by wire", and don't have aperture ring, so even if there were adapters for e-mount (or any other mount) the lenses would be essentially useless (you'd have to focus with your feet).

There's also the fact that the m43 lenses woulnd't cover the entire APS-C image circle necessary for the NEX sensors, obvisouly.


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Well, they exist...

M4/3 Micro 4/3 lens to Sony E-Mount Adapter NEX-3 NEX-5 NEX-VG10 | eBay

Note that even the ad seems to indicate the adapter is for stacking with Micro 4/3 adapters, and does not mention using native m4/3 lenses even though they would presumably fit.

As Julien says, with native m4/3 lenses:

- No aperture control
- No focus control
- Images circle designed around the smaller 4/3 sensor, causing optical and likely mechanical vignetting


- No zoom control in selected electronic zoom lenses
- No automatic distortion correction for lenses that in most cases require this feature
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