Feedback Adding information to posted pictures.


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Just a small point, but is it possible that when posting pictures into threads that you could think about adding some information about the camera, lens, settings etc.?

It would be nice to get an idea of the kind of gear being used and how you create the images.

If you don't want to or can't remember then fine, but I know I'd be interested and I think others would be too.


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Yes David, I will. All pics o'mine are shot with G1 plus 14 - 45 mm zoomlens.
I haven't checked but can't we read EXIF data of posted pics ?


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I agree, David, that it would be wonderfully helpful if everyone who posts their photographs could include a simple line with their camera and the EXIF data f stop, shutter speed and ISO. If one uses the gallery to embed, then if the photograph has been exported and uploaded the right way, EXIF does show but it's just another step if we're looking at the image in a thread, plus I know I tend much more often to embed via my Flickr account. A quick notation would be great!

I'm also always interested to know about which PPing software but realize that might be asking too much...however, if someone has done something unusual, it sure would be interesting to read what they did.


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EXIF data can be viewed for images in our Gallery. For images in threads, I use a plugin for Firefox called Exif Viewer, but it would be great to see more info shared in the threads.