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Having a special interest via my work in both Video and Stock Photography I was wondering whether people would like to see forums started up on these?

Feedback would be nice. If there is interest then we'll add them.
I have no interest in video, but having worked as a stock photographer for over 20 years I might be interested in this. All depends on the level of participation and striking a fair balance between information given and received.
I feel like duffer, as long as it's balanced and give and take, it could work.
I did stock for a long time but now I'm told my serious work is not suitable for stock, just collectors etc.
Go figure....
I'd be interested in a stock photography forum as I do have a few shots in stock libraries, though not enough to make regular sales. FWIW I have a "day job" that I enjoy enough not to want to go fully "pro" with photography but would certainly appreciate any advice anyone may have for increasing the sales I get from stock, at least so that I don't have to use my main salary to subsidise my camera gear "habit" as often as I seem to!! ;)

Am not so much into cinematography myself but I'm sure plenty of people are and would be interested in such a forum too (y)