Adios DPReview


Zen Snapshooter
After eight years I finally deleted my dpReview account.

I have always tried to be civil and helpful, but when folks start to attack you for that it feels time to move on.

I am glad that this corner of the internet has avoided that particular behaviour.
True that. Even though we have brand sub forums, the gear threads don’t dominate the forum. The image threads do.
I left it years and years ago, had all of my posts deleted. Left in disgust.

Now, I actually made a new account, but I rarely post. My posts are almost totally limited to providing help and tips in the Ricoh subforum, since I have a lot of experience with the GR line. I sometimes feel a bit of pique at something someone posts there, but I generally remember good sense before hitting the submit button and abandon whatever I was formulating.

John King

Member of SOFA
Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
John ...
I still have an account there, but haven't posted for coming up for three years. That's after posting there from 2007 to 2020!

The trolling there quite possibly contributed to the death of Olympus, and my personal team of trolls nearly caused me to quit photography completely. They turned a lifelong love into a depressing sickness.

What wonderful human beings, if one can refer to them as such ...