Adobe Product Presets and Plugins (With a leaning toward Lightroom)

I can't find the thread in which someone was asking about Lightroom presets, even though I responded within it. I can't find a dedicated LR presets thread either, so I've decided to start one which broadly covers Adobe (and other) presets and plugins. If this isnt OK, please feel free to delete, modgods :)

1) Adobe's site which I could not find the other day.
2) Presets Heaven: referenced in the thread I can no longer identify as being related directly to lightroom
3) Alienskin Plugins for Adobe products
4) Nik Software Plugins for Adobe products
5) TopazLabs Plugins for Adobe products (and apparently compatible with some others as well
6) Picturecode Home of Noise Ninja, brilliant noise reduction software
7) OnOne Software Plugins for Adobe products. Some freebies

The following links lead to other link farms for free presets for Lightroom
1) A presets flickr group Showcasing 180 links.
2) Prophoto The ultimate list, according to the site.

If you look into the Adobe sites (in Exchange, and you'll probably need to be logged in) you'll find that there are some free plugins/presets which are created by commercial entities as a token, to get you looking at their product. Worth the download IMO.


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many thanks for starting this thread, I just downloaded a trial version of LR3 (and Nik Color Efex 4) two days ago, and I absolutely love them! Together with all the presets, I think it's all the PP software you'll ever need! Too bad that I really can't afford to buy either program :( but I'll just enjoy it for as long as it lasts, and then go back to my Silkypix/RawTherapee/GIMP combination:rolleyes:
Chuck, thanks for that link. I had downloaded the 500px export plugin yesterday, which is what got me started looking for plugins. Then I realised that I would really prefer to manage my photographs with lightroom rather than iPhoto which was beginning to annoy me (and I don't much like aperture either). So I copied all the Masters from iPhoto out, and dropped them in my Pix folder, and then imported those to lightroom (without moving). Space, by now, is at a premium, but I was able to regain 80G by getting rid of iphoto. Its keeps multiple copies of everything!! This new version, which I have never much liked, makes a new copy and stores it, every time you edit, even if outside the app itself. And the other thing I discovered was that nothing gets deleted. I deleted a bunch of stuff yesterday but on the lightroom import, there they all were, completely intact. OK, enough rambling. iPhoto is dead, long live Lightroom.

Bartjeej do check out the available free presets. Nik and the rest are wonderful, but the freebies in some cases are just as good.