News Adobe sneak-peek deblurring video re-released in HD.


t isn't this just making it all too easy?

It can be fun and instructive to play a counterfactual game ... so ... let's suppose film photography had never ever existed, and that digital photography had been invented, in all it's current glory and developments, just this year; no-one had ever used a camera without autofocus or IS or live-view or whatever, because they had simply never existed; post-processing, whether HDR or focus stacking or deblurring, was taken for granted as a natural part of the process of photography.

It's then interesting to speculate who might be asking for cameras to be manufactured without these features ...

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But the fact is that film photography was invented and used so I am comparing what is available now to 'the good old days' :D Then again a vast amount of people got into photography only when digital was about so you are right in a way as it's all a lot of us have ever known. I have only ever owned digital apart from a crappy Kodak in the 70's when I was a kid so I guess I should be in the Point, click, download, process camp.