Film Advice needed on Olympus OM-1


The recent 'fever' with the Olympus OM-D has got my gas going, but seeing I don't have the means for a OM-D I started looking for the original OM. Luckily my local camera store has a second hand OM-1 and I am able to borrow it for a short period. Its in fairly good cosmetic condition and other than a little dust in the camera and slight browning around the edge of the view finder it seems good. I haven't been able to test the exposure meter due to lack of battery. Im currently in the process of waiting for the first roll to get processed. I want to play around with film but Im worried about the current price of films and whether film is worth chasing. What qualities does film have over digital? Also I can get the zuiko 50mm f1.4, 50mm f3.5 macro, 35-70mm f4. And what is a fair price for the camera and lenses?

p.s. My other half has access to a dark room so processing costs are not a problem :biggrin: should I do it?

Steve Noel

Casey County, KY
I've had and used OM 1,2, and 4. I loved them in the day. I also had and used most brands of 35mm cameras, but the OMs were my favorites. I still have an OM 2, but will probably never use it again. Just too much hassle compared to digital, and two many "throw-aways". I used film for nearly 40 years, and I'm just not good enough to get it right every shot, or even most. With digital I am pretty sure I've gotten it right, or adjust and fire again. Some members here are into film and I think it's great. Every one has to make their own choice. Either way, get into it, and make it work for YOU.
ps: The OM 1 was my favorite.