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Looking for advice on how best to get some decent images of this
Cameras available - X10 /F660 /Cosina C1 film with a couple of lenses 50 28 & 70-150 macro zoom
Lighting - Ratio - Composition etc

Its a small sculpture from found objects part matt part shiny


Two Figures
by Roger Evans, on Flickr​


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To capture and show the essence of the figures - I suppose I don't know what I want to do until I achieve it


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I would use a white paper backdrop and softer light, using an umbrella, soft box, or shooting through a diffuser. Bouncing the flash off the ceiling or a sheet of white foam board would also work.


I would first put your camera down. Next I would spend some quality time looking at the object from different angles, distances, light. Pick it up, run your fingers over it. Let yourself really see and feel the object. You might find you view the object differently afterwards and see the picture you want to make. Finally pick up the camera and shoot. The object isn't going anywhere so you have time to experiment with it.
The X10 should be fine. I agree a seamless white backdrop with bounce lighting would be a good start. I'd also consider a tripod shot with a low ISO so you don't end up having to remove noise thus cutting the detail of the sculpture down.
Good luck.
. . .David


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^ In the same vein as what Luke says, I'd basically try to control / dictate the lighting, one way or another. Sans-flashes via long exposure, or with flashes if you're equipped. But dramatic side-lighting could really accentuate those textures.

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