Fuji AF setup for X-T1


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Aug 31, 2011
Good write-up, thank you.

It might be worth mentioning that FD isn't just an AF mode but also an exposure metering mode (hence it's not available along with spot or integral metering), which can have severe consequences when you a re shooting a series of shots. I'd very much like Fuji to add an option to decouple metering from FD. In the meantime, I recommend using manual exposure (M) with face detection when shooting a series of portraits.

It's nice to see that somebody has understood the nature of AF-C: Yep, it's for moving subjects. Use AF-S for subjects that don't move. I keep being amazed about the users who shoot stationary objects with AF-C and then complain in forums that not 100.00% of there shots are in perfect focus.

It might also be worth mentioning that PDAF is looking for vertical lines (or horizontal ones in portrait mode).

It's interesting that few reviewers mention the requirement to enable high performance mode in order to get maximum AF performance. It's shocking that there are "serious" reviews that apparently have tested and compared the AF of the X-E2 and X-T1 in low performance mode.

Finally, it might be worth mentioning Pre-AF and what it's good for. I rarely use this feature myself, but I understand that it can reduce AF reaction times especially with slower lenses like the 60mmF2.4.

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Sep 21, 2010
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you should be able to figure it out...
First off, thanks for the write up John. I have face detect set to the Fn button on the front if the body too. Was not aware that Fuji's face detection used a near eye focus priority, but that's good news. The best face detection I've used is on the Oly EM1 and jt lets you choose left, right, or near eye and I always leave it on near eye. I haven't fount the XT1 to be quite as sure footed for face detect as the EM1, but it's quite good. I think I'll do a lot of two camera shooting at gatherings of family and friends going forward - the EM1 with the 75mm for more reach and the XT1 with the 56mm for closer subjects.

It might also be worth mentioning that PDAF is looking for vertical lines (or horizontal ones in portrait mode).
Funny, I've generally found this to be much more if an issue with CDAF than PDAF and more of an issue with Fuji's than just about any other cameras. It was strongly present in the X100 and has been in every Fuji I've used going forward from there. It's not unique to Fuji, but it seems more pronounced than with other CDAF system I've used. I really thought the use of PDAF would reduce or eliminate this tendency but it's still very pronounced - I've never seen it in another PDAF system... No worries - I quickly get used to rotating the camera a but to lock focus when I'm shooting with Fuji gear.



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Aug 31, 2011
CDAF has long been upgraded to support vertical and horizontal contrast.
Maybe not in the X100, though. Too many updates for too many cameras to keep track of everything.


Mar 22, 2013
This is a fantastic thread, especially so for some one coming from manual focus only cameras. I know just about nothing about auto focus. I'm sure initially I'll be using manual focus much more than AF (definitely for paid assignments) but will eventually transition to AF. More than any other aspect, of auto focus, face detection intrigues me.

Can the camera be set to fire the shutter every time it detects a face? Going a step further, does the camera have smile detection?

These features have the potential for some awesome image captures. A friend owns two Sony A7s, and we experimented with smile detection and auto shutter release. We sat at a table, set the cameras so that we each had a camera framing us. Both cameras were set to smile detection and auto shutter release. We then had a few beers and chatted. To say that the results were stunning, is an understatement. The cameras captured some genuine expressions. I would love for Fuji to incorporate something like this. Interesting as they may be, Sony cameras are not for me- their haptic gestalt is one I do not find appealing. Fuji on the other hand, Knicks it out of the ball park for me.

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