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I think the affiliate links should be moved to somewhere that is a lot easier to find. Currently they are buried in the help link. More people may use them if they are easier to see.
Thoughts on where additional to link them? I don't want to try to overpush them to avoid seeming 'spammy', especially to the members who donated by becoming a subscriber.

Thinking out loud... maybe a link down in the footer in the lower-right where the other global links are shown? Maybe in the header "Buy & Sell" drop down list?
A good friend of mine has a link for his affiliates right at the top of the page. Support NSOP. No one has ever thought it was spammy or complained. This is how I think you should do it here. You could include a subscription link under that also.



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A slight (very slight) update.... the "Support Cameraderie" link is not shown in the main navigation menu to our active subscriber/supporter members. :) Everybody else will see the link but those who are active supporters don't.

A link to our current affiliate vendors is always present from the "Buy & Sell" drop-down menu. *cough* Amazon *cough*

So to find the list of current affiliate vendors... :D
  • Direct Link:
  • Main Navigation Menu: Under the "Buy & Sell" menu, click the "Affiliate Vendors" list.
  • Main Navigation Menu: Click on the "Support Cameraderie" drop-down.
  • From the Help Page: Click on the "Affiliate Vendors" tab.

Long time community members might notice a glaring omission, B&H. After the Cameraderie reorg last year I went through the process of signing us back up as a B&H affiliate but they won't accept anybody who lives in the state of Pennsylvania in the US. I don't know why because they don't say on their website nor could I get anybody to respond why but it's not just PA, Louisiana & Connecticut are also excluded. :confused:


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Well thats weird. I call discrimination.
It's likely some weird law about residents of those states in regards to companies operating out of New York (where B&H is). It's like how sometimes here in the States there'll be a nationwide marketing promotion going on for some company but then in the fine print it says that residents of certain states either can't enter or have slightly different rules.

But if it helps us to get signed up with B&H... yeah, it's discrimination! :D


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FYI update...

I've removed some old links from the affiliate vendor page and SmugMug has been added as a new affiliate. Even though SmugMug owns Flickr they don't have a Flickr affiliate program, only the parent SmugMug.

I've applied to KEH and am still waiting on their response.

B&H was also tried again, got rejected again. This time the rejection was a generic email with no specifics so I wrote asking if they can clarify since the list of possible reasons on the generic email rejection don't apply.