After Action Report -- the FZ150 at NERFTC

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Troy, NY
A week ago I returned from Bloomfield NY where I had spent three days covering the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship.

The FZ150 was my main camera, with a G12 as a backup. I had extra batteries for each and a Toshiba 13-inch ultrabook for taking notes and downloading pictures. I took about 200 pictures, and the FZ150 performed flawlessly, taking everything from wide angle shots where I wanted everything in focus to telephoto images where I used the 600mm equivalent zoom to through the background out of focus.

During the three days, I took two out of focus pictures, the result of inadvertently activating the "macro" switch when I pulled the camera from my bag. I changed the battery once during my assignment. The electronic viewfinder proved very helpful for composition in very bright sunshine the first two days. In all, I am very pleased with the performance and versatility of the FZ150.

My stories (three of them) are written, photos selected and submitted to my editor. Some of the remaining pix I used in my weekly blog for Airguns of Arizona - Precision Air Rifles, Airgun, Pistols, Pellets. If you would like to have a look at them, you can find them here:

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