Agelo goes USA


The Image Stimulator
Jul 11, 2010
The Netherlands
It's because of carnival. Agelo is a small place nearby my hometown. The main road through Agelo is renamed in Route 66. Their website CV de Keistenen - Carnaval in Agelo.
They suggest (poll) to rename several streets into Broadway, Mississippi, Wallstreet, Sunset Blvd.
Pictures: CV de Keistenen - 2011 Optocht Ootmarsum
"This morning, Knight Clemens and his Deputy Hans transformed Aogel into USA: the United Society of Aogel. As already announced in their 'State of the Union' they renamed the crossroads at café Groot Agelo into Times Square. When entering Groot Agelo you will see a sign saying: "South USA". From now on Klein Agelo is called "North USA"."

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