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I was looking for a case for the X100 given that the Fuji case is overpriced at this time. Burkey had pointed out the Zhou case and Don pointed out the Luigi case. I was still looking for alternatives, and finally remembered the Aki-Asahi case that I got for my EP2. As it turns out, he hasn't made one for the X100 yet (sigh).

In any event, the Aki-Asahi brand is not that well known, so I thought I'd share that info for folks looking for a very very good quality case for their Oly EP1/2, EPL1/2, XZ1, Pany GF1/2, and LX3/5. Here's the link to his website, and one of the sample photos you can find in the site:

Aki-Asahi Camera Coverings


I highly recommend this case (black leather with white stiching) and the shipping from Japan is actually pretty cheap. I got my case about two weeks after I ordered it.

He also sells stick on skin protectors, but I have no experience with his stick on skin protectors.

ps: I'm not affiliated in anyway to Aki-Asahi nor do I get any $$ from them via referrals or otherwise.


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I also have one for my EP-2. Fantastic product and actually inproves both the look and feel of the camera. It's too slipery without it and just right with it on. But It will get lots and lots of favourable comments from others. So you won't be as incognito as you once were.


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