Alejandra the Naked Cowgirl Of Times Square


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Jun 20, 2012
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Whatsisname, the guy version, is reportedly taking in a good bit of $ from it, due in large part to a sponsorship with Fruit Of The Loom underwear or some such. I see she's sponsored by some oyster place... Rent in NYC is no joke. I get more of a "sad" vibe from it, picturing how many hundreds of times every night she's objectified and belittled. That's got to do some damage.


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Aug 7, 2011
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I'm not sure "sad" is the word for it. As has been mentioned, there can be some decent money in this. I've actually seen her in Times Square before and she seems to have quite a sense of humor about it. I think she's an actress or performer already so she probably has the right psychological make-up for the job. I'm sure there are a few problem people who come up to her (hey, it's New York) but generally, it's the out-of-town tourist crowd she's after. Still, being out like that on a cold winter night (look at the overcoats) is something to think about.
Nov 11, 2011
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the cold is the least of her worries. Have you guys ever had to mentally de-humanize yourself? Maybe she's proud of her work. Maybe she thinks of her job as just being social and posing for pictures. But I see her job as taking off most of her clothes and acting like a monkey in a zoo. Would you want your child to do it? Would the size of her paycheck matter?

I can't imagine how much someone would need to pay me to do that for one night.....but to do it EVERY night.... even when it's cold out? And when some tourist says "hey baby, can you show me the back side"..... I hope she gets a million dollars.... even then, I think I gotta say "no".

I'm not going to judge her, but I don't know how she does it.


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Jul 3, 2010
I see it more the way Steve does. Less original than her male counterpart, perhaps, but not sad IMO.


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I understand the concerns of this person going out every night on the streets of NYC...

Though it's by choice as she had no issues posing with men in different positions...

She has a Facebook Page...

As for the conditions outside... It was a very humid and cold night and I couldn't understand how she went out like that... I didn't have a hat on and my head was near freezing especially my ears because of the wind chill... I took my gloves off to take this photo and I had to put them back on fast as my hands were freezing...

The photo in the middle... Yes... That's a guy with a Fujifilm System as well... :)


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Dec 6, 2011
She probably makes pretty good money and has some interesting conversations with people not to mention being the object of many photos if she really wants to get her face and physique out there. Free advertising. By her facebook page, she seems to be fine with it.

"I'm Alejandra the Naked Cowgirl Of Times Square, I am from Cali Colombia. I've been In Times Square since December 15, 2012. I really enjoy. & love my job."

And really.. she isn't naked. I couldn't do the cold thing even in a tee and shorts, but you can condition yourself. Think of those ice swimming people.


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Don't forget the muscular blonde cowgirl too!


Yet I don't know how they make money...

It's not like all the dressed up people that is asking for money or donations if you want to photograph them or have your photo taken with them...

I never seen them ask for money for photos...

It's all done through advertising "Naked Cowboy Oysters"


Mar 2, 2014
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Mark Peterson
The original Naked Cowgirl - whose name is Patricia Burck and she's the one that appears in the center of metalmania's photo 4 posts up the thread from this one - is actually married to the Naked Cowboy, Richard Burck. Allegedly, they've socked away some US$2Million+ from tips, endorsements, licensing, and appearances over the years. The other Naked Cowgirls license the "Naked Cowgirl" brand stuff from the couple, and allegedly make $100/hour in tips posing for tourist pics on Times Square. I only know Patricia's name because she "liked" a photo of her that I posted on Instagram a few months ago (taken with an X100s, to keep it relevant :). I talked to them both for a few minutes when photographing them that day...interesting couple.

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