Fuji Alternative Strap Similar to Artisan & Artist Now Available For $25.99


A seller on Ebay is selling knockoff Artisan & Artist camera straps. They look very similar with the exception of not being adjustable and being a little but not too much shorter.

The dimensions on this strap is L(36.6")xW(0.60") vs the Artisan & Artist's 35.4" long and 0.78" wide.

I just ordered one today and will post a review once I recieve it.

ARNUVO Neck Strap #15 ARST15A for RF Camera NEW | eBay


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I really like my A&A straps, so I'd be curious to see how the Arnuvo measures up. I have seen them before, and they come in even more colors than the A&A ones do.


I'm not expecting any major craftmanship for $25.00, but hoping it will be good enough for alternating with a wrist strap and at least somewhat durable.

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