Pentax Alternative Viewfinder for your Q?

The chrome Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 40mm f4.5 T is (for now) on the Q just for looks. As a preset lens (10 aperture blades) it needs a secure mount and the Pentax m42 adapter into a K-mount adapter isn't it. I need a "real" m42 to Q adapter before I can actually try this combo.

But the other thing I want to show is my viewfinder for the Q. I was rummaging around in my basement-O-photographic-crap and found this Alpex Auxillary Lens set. Tucked between the lenses is a multipurpose viewfinder that slips into the flash shoe. I think it will do the trick, and beats paying over $200 for the Pentax viewfinder (which is darn silly, IMHO). I've since discovered that the same finder was sold under lots of different brand names. What you want to search for is "Tele-Wide Finder". (You're welcome!) :wink:

Images should be showing above (but they aren't for me) so here are the links:

Thanks for the comments. Here is a view of the backside of the viewfinder.

Since it was designed to be used with the two auxiliary lenses (wide angle and telephoto) but I don't know what effective focal length they are supposed to give, you I'm not sure exactly what FOV the markings are for, but some quick Pythagorean Theorem guesstimates put the bigger area as approx. 50-55 degrees. The 8.5mm f1.9 lens I've got has a FOV of 49.5.

I figure a few test shot and I'll be able to guesstimate how far inside that line is the edge of my frame.

PS... the shot of the viewfinder (above) was taken with a Sigma EX 28mm f1.8 Macro mounted on the Q (effective focal length approx. 155mm).

Bonus wackiness (actually not wacky at all):

Ah! Thanks for that link. However, it was not posted in the Pentax Q forum! (The Pentax viewfinder is over $200, in the U.S. so this may have special interest here.)

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