America WWII on the Home Front.

They are wonderful images and they are only still here because they were taken on Kodachrome . In my personal slide librarry taken over 50 years it's only the Kodachromes which are not showing signs of deteoriation -the Agfachromes are a magenta shadow of their former selves and the oldest Ektachromes are going the same way .
Tx for posting the link to these great shots
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One of the things I enjoyed about it is the opportunity to see that age in colour. Stupid as it sounds in my head the war is black and white. WWI on the other hand is an odd mash of greens and browns and blues except for red cross armbands. I know that sounds mental, but everything I've seen about it has been in that sort of palette - films, photos, drawings and with the earlier stuff, watercolours. I make a concerted effort to remember that it's not some massively different monotone world and that it was the real world that My grandparents were fighting in. And my Grandpa's stories about India, Burma, France and so on were certainly colourful!
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