Micro 4/3 An Iceberg Rose E-PL1 PL 45 macro


E-PL1 with the PL 45mm macro (a great lens with the no less than special little PL1)
ORF processed in Picasa for speed
One of my new winter planted Roses in soft light .....

Thankyou BB this Rose standard plant is one of 3 in Terracota pots they get morning sun as I said elsewhere I now have about 20 rose standards in the garden all new some are other than white so lookout for more Reds Salmons and pinks in the forum ;)
Well you had better promise to do a study of them all with this lens and your E-PL1, because they deserve it - and so do we. While there are many lovely flower photographs, there is something incandescent about this one. It really is stellar. The lighting is perfect.
Mmmm, roses are my favourite! Ours are all but gone now in the UK. Perhaps you can keep us supplied over our Winter months? It has a beautiful creamy colour in the centre. Thanks :)

thank you. It reminds me why I love the epl1 and why changing lenses is a good thing!
However, in this case, the photographer is the amazing part. keep posting pics.