Fuji An informal engagement shoot with the X100 and EP1


Friends of mine just got engaged. I'm not much of a "people shooter" and never have been, but I've got some nice gear and wanted to give them a few nice shots.

I had a VERY limited kit. The X100 and an EP-1 with a Pen-F 38mm f/1.8 attached. That was it.

The light .... was....terrible. Constantly going from cloudy and grey/green to incredibly bright overhead light. The roses (this was taken at the "Rose Test Garden" in Portland, Oregon) were mostly browning. Ick. Just kind of a nightmare. Used an old no-name manual flash for fill on some of them, but the X100 flash was generally better.

They're all pretty... bad, but I thought I'd share here because why not? :)

x100 shots:

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SO CHEESY!!! Couldn't resist....

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EP-1 shots:

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And probably my favorite shot:

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