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Jock Elliott

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I was fooling around with my G12 when I saw this squirrel huddling from the wind behind a tree just outside our sun room.

I shoot at full zoom and full digital zoom through four layers of glazing.

Here's the image I started with:

Squirrel (Large).JPG

Here's the result after processing it with the Canon "Pro" software. I reduced the brightness, cranked up the saturation, and boosted the contrast, Unfortunately, there wasn't much I could do with the sharpness.
Squirrel2 (Large).JPG

In all, I'm very pleased with the results, even though they look pretty fuzzy at 100% and with what the G12 can do.

Maybe someday I'll figure out how to insert large images into my posts.

- Jock


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something like this?

(to post large pics, place these brackets:
, and paste the image location url inbetween these brackets without spaces (to get the url, right-click on the image, then click on "copy image location" if available, or click "properties" and then copy the location url)

you did a nice job, at first I thought you might have overdone the saturation a bit, but on closer inspection it's just the lack of sharpness that makes the image look a bit crude, and the original flatness sort of hid that.


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Jock, I'm glad you've posted your Squirrel here and also really glad to see you've gotten some help and answers to your questions about posting the images here, too.:friends: Here's a handy sticky about various methods of posting images to threads:

Just a quick note. In the future, it's very important that if anyone is going to attempt to help someone by editing their image - first be sure to ask the original poster, OK? In this case it was all fine, as one would think it would be - however, that's not always the case. We've got this referenced in our Site Rules/Terms of Service thread:
"9. It is against our site rules to modify and repost a version of anyone else's image without explicit permission to do so."

Back to your squirrel - he or she is quite cute, though if my do were to spy him - it would be all over.:wink:

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