An Old New Nifty Fifty at Fifty (for Brian)

Thankyou, and Looks Good!

The Industar-50 in Rigid Mount "is not the prettiest" of lenses. It is made with newer glass, every bit as good as an Elmar.

This lens on the M9, wide-open at F3.5

The Russian lenses usually do better on a Leica after adjusting the Shims. This was no exception, the focus was originally off my 2m for a test object at 5m.


It definitely has a "look", but one thing I noticed was an almost complete absence of CA, at least at these apertures (f/5.6 and f/8) ... which is more than can be said for even my much-loved 17mm!
The Industar-50 and Industar-61 used Low-Dispersion glass, and greatly improved Chromatic Aberration. The later Tessars and last of the F3.5 Elmars were also improved using newer glass. Of course, they cost a lot more than the I-50!