An Old Town and a New Camera, Part 2


Zen Snapshooter
SW Virginia
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More from Buena Vista. Note the pictures of the old Texaco station: When I first saw the station, I also saw the real estate sign and thought it was for sale. It turns out the real estate firm bought the old station and restored it as their new offices.

BV12 law.jpg

BV13 law2.jpg

BV14 law3.jpg

BV14 ridge.jpg

BV14 ridge2jpg.jpg

BV15 engine.jpg

BV16 closed.jpg

BV17 oneway.jpg

BV18 camelot.jpg

BV19 letsgo.jpg

BV21 texaco.jpg

BV21a texaco.jpg

BV22 coiner.jpg

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